81Bones.net's MRI Resources

Updated 2/17/2007

While taking various courses on medical imaging and MRI at the University of Illinios at Chicago, I found myself searching the internet for as many MRI resources as I could find. I decided to do myself and anyone else who was interested a favor and put all of these materials in one place. Some of these materials are from various websites I found doing endless Google searches. Many of them come from the lecture notes of the Bioe494 (Intro to MRI) and Bioe594 (Advanced MRI) courses at UIC. As students in these classes we were required to research various topics in MRI and give lectures on them. Thanks to all my fellow 594 students for their excellent lectures. I hope you find them useful. Enjoy!

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1. Introductory materials

2. Spins, Larmor, and the Bloch equation

3. Spin-Lattice (T1) and Spin-Spin (T2) relaxation

4. Hardware

5. Signal processing

6. Gradient lobe designs

7. Basic pulse sequence design

8. Advanced pulse sequences

9. Advanced image acquisition, processing, and reconstruction techniques

10. Contrast agents

11. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS or NMR)

12. Books on MRI

13. Other websites and materials